Baker has used intelliRock's technology for years, but two recent projects really stand out.

First, Baker used intelliRock to complete the new CEMEX headquarters building on schedule, under budget, and with LEED points. Even while using lean mix designs with fly ash, Baker was able to stress PT beams in 18 hours and strip decks in 20 hours. And the lean mix design saved CEMEX approximately $130,000 in material costs. "The CEMEX headquarters project should serve as the poster-child for intelliRock because everything went exactly according to plan and we kept right on schedule." says Baker Senior Project Executive Aaron Smith. Case Study

Most recently, Baker completed the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center Mid-Campus Building 1 (MDACC) project. Located in Houston's Medical Center, the project consisted of three structures - 26 stories, 21 stories, and 5 stories. Not only was intelliRock used to monitor temperatures on what was the second largest mat pour placed in the united states, intelliRock technology was used to monitor deck strength in real-time greatly reducing the time that would be otherwise be necessary if using only traditional concrete cylinders to determine concrete strength. "Using the intelliRock system allowed the crew to gain half a day on almost every pour, which is significant when there are three pours per floor and 26 floors. Baker brought the project in three weeks ahead of our original schedule even after an additional floor was added to our scope," said Garret Benson, Baker Project Manager. Read more in Baker's newsletter (reprinted here with permission from Baker).

Baker has been ranked among ENR's top 3 specialty contractors for the past 20 years. Learn more about Baker on their website