Baker Concrete has two projects at the Miami International Airport/Miami Intermodal Center* with about 470 mass concrete placements: the Miami International Airport Automated People Mover (“MIA Mover”), which includes a light-rail bridge that is 6,200 feet in length, and the Orange Line Metrorail extension, on which Baker is constructing 9,000 feet of elevated heavy rail. Each mass concrete element requires round-the-clock monitoring of multiple temperature sensors for seven to ten days with a data review every six hours.

Initially, the Baker team downloaded temperature readings manually using a handheld device. But Baker Concrete Construction's MIA Mover & Orange Line Project Executive Michael Hernandez recognized the safety issues and physical difficulties of manually downloading data every six hours on such large projects with nearly 100 excavations up to 15 feet deep and over 350 piers and pier caps up to 58 feet high. “When we multiplied four probes per pour times 470 mass concrete pours times four downloads per day times seven days it resulted in about 53,000 downloads” said Hernandez.

“We also realized there would be a substantial labor savings too versus having a crew working seven days per week for 12 months performing and recording manual downloads.” These conditions made the intelliRock wireless system an attractive alternative to sending a person from pier to pier at midnight trying to connect to and record data from dozens of probes on a three-mile long construction site. “The safer working conditions alone make the intelliRock investment worthwhile” says Hernandez “And the reports intelliRock generates are informative and easy to understand.”

Using the intelliRock system, Baker currently monitors up to 29 concrete placements simultaneously. With four probes in each placement, data from all 116 probes can be downloaded in about 10 minutes from a vehicle equipped with a laptop. If the locations are close enough to the fixed wireless base station, the system sends updates round-the-clock to Hernandez, the general contractor and the project engineer via the internet.

*The Miami Intermodal Center is a program of the Florida Department of Transportation
Rendering courtesy of the Florida DOT, MIC Program