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Engius products, such as intelliRock, are used around the globe and by the largest construction companies in the world (see our case studies). They're used to monitor quality, optimize schedules, and ensure safety during construction. Here's what our customers say about the value our products have to offer:

Bechtel Logo

The information from intelliRock has been invaluable. It gave us peace of mind knowing when to jump forms. From a safety standpoint we knew the strength of the concrete in real-time, so we were not taking any chances with the lives of the men that were moving the forms. Economically, intelliRock put the project 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

Wesley Pickens, Quality Assurance Manager, Skanska USA Building Inc.

Bechtel Logo

Bechtel National Inc. began using the intelliRock sensor system last year to record temperatures of mass concrete placements at the Department of Energy's Waste Treatment Plant at Hanford in southeast Washington. This system has proved reliable and rugged, and it provides digital documentation of key information. Bechtel has invited [Engius] to demonstrate the intelliRock system at our upcoming international conference of construction engineers.

Rich Marl, Manager, Construction Engineering and Technologies, Bechtel Inc.

Kiewit Logo

Kiewit first used the intelliRock maturity sensor system on the I-40 Oklahoma Bridge project. Since then we have implemented the system on several other projects around the country, e.g. Woodrow Wilson Bridge, T-Rex, Atlanta Water Project, several projects in Texas and recently on a Kiewit-owned project. The intelliRock system brings the age of information technology to the concrete construction world. We have found the intelliRock system to be a superior technology in measuring the in-situ real-time strength of placed concrete.

Mr. Joe Deihl, Corporate QA Manager, Peter Kiewit & Sons

Granite Logo

Using Intellirock, instead of the old thermocouples and external monitoring box, takes 1/2 the time to install and monitor mass concrete placements, and, I have the added benefit of reliability. The Intellirock sensors have been reliable under all weather and job conditions, saving me engineering time and money!

Glenn "Trey" Martin III, Structures Engineer, Granite Construction

Baker Logo

The CEMEX headquarters project should serve as the poster-child for intelliRock because everything went exactly according to plan and we kept right on schedule.

Aaron Smith, Senior Project Executive, Baker Concrete Construction, Inc

McCarthy Logo

intelliRock has helped us go from being behind on the project to ahead of schedule. Being able to measure strength in real time is a major benefit. In five months, our cost [for intelliRock] has been around $3,500, and our benefit is calculated at $175,000. In warmer weather we have been able to reduce the number of days we wait to remove reshores from 7 days to 2 days.

Pam Culbertson, Project Engineer, Phoenix 4th Street Jail, McCarthy Construction

Flintco Logo

In the last six months the intelliRock maturity system has saved us $309,000 in man-hour costs. Our expenditure has been less than $5,000, and in cold weather it has kept us from stripping forms too early.

Tom Heffernan, Director of Field Operations, FLINTCO Construction Co.

Boldt Logo

The intelliRock system is easy to use, interfaces easily with my computer, and provides me with the information I need to make critical decisions.

Bill Pelzek, Field Engineer,The Boldt Company

T.L. Wallace
TL Wallace Logo

Wallace was very pleased with the results and the contribution intelliRock provided in the construction of the I-10 east span bridge, and we will definitely use this technology on future jobs. It changes one’s perspective on the ability to schedule and process the work flow.

Clay Broom, VP, Project Manager,T.L. Wallace Construction Inc.

A.S. Horner
Horner Logo

Some of the concrete cylinders froze and we got low breaks. We needed to set girders and used the intelliRock maturity sensors to prove the strength of the substructure concrete. We are setting girders tonight and could not have done it without intelliRock.

Dirk H. Holtman, P.E., VP Engineering, A.S. Horner, Inc.

Coffey Geotechnics
Horner Logo

We are finding great success in our Condominium construction market using the Intellirock Maturity system for early formwork removal. Thanks again for all your support.

SAVIO DeSOUZA, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Manager - Concrete Technology, Coffey Geotechnics

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