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Concrete strength and temperature - Accelerate schedules, save money, ensure quality

Highrise & Midrise Buildings


Engius products help keep vertical projects on schedule, and on budget. IntelliRock is able to report concrete strength in real-time with the press of a button. This allows rapid form stripping, post-tensioning, and loading of structures in cool to hot weather. Real-time strength information often affords the contractor to use lower cost, higher quality concrete (less cement/paste) without risking the project schedule. In colder climates, intelliRock can be used to determine concrete strength when curing has been slowed by cold temperatures - regulating construction processes and improving safety.

The powerblanket is also an ideal tool for cooler weather. The electrically heated blankets can protect curing concrete, and even accelerate concrete curing.

intelliRock- Monitor strength gain in real-time, regulate thermal protection measures, document temperatures .

powerblanket- Thaw ground, preheat rebar, warm and protect concrete, accelerate concrete curing.




The intelliRock product line has been used on some of the largest bridge projects in the US. From new structures to emergency repairs, intelliRock is the ideal tool for contractors when time is money!

IntelliRock maturity loggers can be used to determine concrete strength in real time. Since the actual in-place concrete strength is typically higher than companion cylinders, construction operations may be safely accelerated. On vertical concrete structures such as bridges, the impact on schedule can be substantial.

IntelliRock temperature loggers are ideal tools for monitoring temperatures in mass pours. With cables able to extend over 100 ft into the structure, and wireless connections to remote PC's, you can get temperature information with ease.

intelliRock Maturity Loggers - Accurate in-place strength information that optimizes workflow.

intelliRock Temperature loggers - The ultimate temperature monitoring system.





On today's paving/patching projects, progress is measured in hours and minutes. Traditional methods of determining concrete strength are often inadequate for the rapid feedback needed to monitor concrete strength and schedules, and rarely represent the actual in-place strength of the pavement. IntelliRock monitors curing in real time and can be used to determine up-to-the-minute concrete compressive and/or flexural strength.

IntelliRock maturity and temperature loggers can also extend paving schedules by ensuring that pavement temperatures are within specifications in cold weather. Often, the combination of thermal protection measures and the internal heat generated by the concrete result in concrete placements that are warm enough to meet project specifications - even in cold weather. IntelliRock documents pavement temperatures to keep the project on schedule.

intelliRock Maturity Loggers - Accurate in-place strength information that optimizes workflow.

intelliRock Temperature loggers - Monitor pavement temperatures.




Airports around the world are turning to intelliRock for real-time strength and temperature determination of runways. The intelliRock system can be calibrated to determine compressive strength (cylinders), flexural strength (beams), or both. The system can help accelerate construction operations, and determine when each class of traffic can be allowed on the pavement.

intelliRock Maturity Loggers - Determine pavement strength in real-time

intelliRock Temperature Loggers - Monitor concrete pavement temperatures.


Precast Concrete


Engius offers a specialty line of intelliRock configured specifically for the precast concrete industry. The EZ Tie system is also an innovative time-saver for precast operations.

EZ Tie - Rebar connections without a gun, in just 1 second.




Concrete Moisture - Ensure quality, manage risk

Engius offers two ways to measure concrete moisture, traditional 'dome tests kits', and the innovative Relative Humidity probe that is compatible with the intelliRock II system.

Relative Humidity - Internal Moisture Sensors (ASTM F 2170)

RH Logger

By drilling holes into the slab and inserting RH sensors, internal concrete moisture can be measured and monitored. This internal slab moisture measurement is often more indicative than surface measurements with managing long-term risk.

Several versions of the RH instrument are available including versions to trend moisture over time, versions configured to take 'snapshots' of current concrete moisture conditions, and long term ambient monitors.

Relative Humidity - Modern technology to manage risk. Monitor moisture below the concrete surface.


Calcium Chloride / Dome Test (ASTM F 1869)

Dome test

The calcium chloride test has been the industry standard for floor moisture testing for over 40 years. Engius offers professional grade dome type test kits designed to meet ASTM F 1869. All kits include the dome, pre-weighed calcium chloride, dish, soft-set adhesive, and pH test strips.

Dome Tests (Calcium Chloride) - Traditional floor testing tools



Asphalt Paving - No more nuclear headaches!

Asphalt Paving

PQI pic

Nuclear density equipment is expensive and a headache to maintain. The Pavement Quality Indicator makes accurate density measurements without a nuclear source - in only 3 seconds.

Avoid the inconvenience and expense. Switch to today's safe alternative!

PQI - Non nuclear asphalt pavement density instrument