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intelliRock PCL™

Precast Concrete Temperature Monitor/Logger

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The intelliRock PCL system was designed specifically for precast operations where internal concrete temperatures must be monitored and recorded. This system gives the precasters the feature rich, yet easy-to-use benefits of the intelliRock system, in a form factor designed for the precast industry.

  • Ideal reporting tool for meeting PCI, NPCA, and DOT requirements.
  • Temperature Profiling & Min/Max Reporting
  • Accurate, low-cost temperature sensors


intelliRock TRL

Ambient Temperature Loggers

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The TRL logger is designed to monitor the ambient curing temperature of pre-cast panels, beams and specimens – or even kilns and curing rooms.

  • Ideal for meeting NPCA Ambient Temperature Monitoring
  • Place under blankets to monitor ambient curing temperatures
  • Profile automated kilns/curing room temperatures
  • Accurate, rugged, economical.


intelliRock Maturity System

Streamline workflow - Optimize processes

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Based on ASTM C 1074 (Concrete Maturity) intelliRock maturity sensors indicate and document concrete component strength in real-time, with the push of a button. Concrete operations are optimized by leveraging continuous, real-time strength information as instead of a limited number of cylinder breaks.

  • Optimize tensioning timing
  • Cycle beds faster
  • Fewer cylinder breaks
  • Leverage accelerated curing while minimizing fuel consumption


powerblanket heating systems

Convenient alternative to steam

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Electrically heated powerblankets put heat where you need it. Patent pending technology distributes heat evenly, and multiple blankets can be "chained" together to cover larger areas. Standard blankets can be used to cover casting beds, or custom blankets are available to fit formwork.

  • Accelerate strength gain
  • Easy to relocate
  • Protect products in cold weather
  • Preheat rebar


EZ Tie - Rebar Ties

Tie Rebar - No Gun, No Headaches

EZ Tie pic

The EZ Tie™ is a revolutionary new device that attaches rebar in parallel or at any angle. There are no tools required. The EZ Tie makes a strong, secure connection and is applied by hand in about a second. Installation of the Speed-Clip is fast and easy. Simply hook one side, push forward, and hook the other side. The connection is made!

  • No gun required
  • Secure connections
  • Cost effective


Thermostatically Controlled Curing Boxes

Protect Your Cylinders- Protect Your Profits

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Cylinder curing conditions have a dramatic effect on cylinder strength. Proper curing temperatures are extremely important for accurate quality control and assurance. Engius offers the economical EZ Cure, and the top-of-the-line Thermocure II.

  • Higher breaks
  • More consistent breaks
  • Conveniently meet curing specifications
  • Multiple products available to meet your needs