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intelliCureMatch - The Next Level of Concrete Cylinder Curing

intelliCure Curing Box

The established standard for concrete cylinder curing, the intelliCure family of products just got even better with the intelliCure Match curing system.

intelliRock II™

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intelliRock II is the second generation intelliRock system designed to give construction professionals the real-time information needed to safely and efficiently manage concrete-related workflow.

  • Strength
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity (Moisture)

Thermostatically Controlled Curing Boxes

ezcure pic

Engius offers a selection of curing solutions for on-site, or laboratory curing of concrete cylinders. Since proper curing conditions can have a dramatic effect on cylinder strength in both hot and cold weather, proper curing temperatures are extremely important for accurate quality control and assurance. Engius offers the economical EZ Cure, and the top-of-the-line intelliCure.

Non-Nuclear Asphalt Density - PQI

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The Pavement Quality Indicator (PQI) quickly measures asphalt pavement density WITHOUT the headaches of a nuke! The PQI uses electromagnetic energy, instead of nuclear, to measure asphalt density in just three seconds. The PQI is simple to operate and does not require special licensing or storage.


powerblanket pic

Electrically heated powerblankets can be used to conveniently protect concrete in cold climates, thaw ground, and heat rebar prior to concrete placement. Patent pending technology distributes heat evenly, and multiple blankets can be "chained" together to cover larger areas using fewer outlets.