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Concrete Curing Boxes

Easily meet ACI C 31 (Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field) curing environment requirements. Since proper curing conditions can have a dramatic effect on cylinder strength in both hot and cold weather, proper curing temperatures are extremely important for accurate quality control and assurance.


EZ Cure

EZ Cure PicThe EZ Cure is an economical, thermostatically controlled curing box that heats and cools as needed to maintain a constant 73 °F curing environment. The EZ Cure is ideal for curing "Standard Cured" test specimens in the field for the first 48 hours.

  • Used for "Standard Curing"
  • Ideal for initial Curing during the first 48 hours in the field!
  • Economical

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intelliCure Pic** NEW! *** Multiple sizes available including our new smaller, lower cost unit!!

The intelliCure is the industry's ultimate curing solution. The unit heats and cools to maintain a constant (adjustable) curing temperature. The intelliCure also cures cylinders and/or beams in water meeting the curing conditions requirements for "Standard Cured" cylinders.

  • Used for "Standard Curing"
  • Ideal for initial and/or final curing!
  • Specimens cured in water

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More information:

NRMCA - CIP 9 - "Low Concrete Cylinder Strength"

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Specification: ASTM C 31-08

Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field
  • Standard Cured Specimens
    • Used for acceptance testing, mixture proportions, quality control.
    • Store for up to 48 hours between 60F to 80F (68 to 78F if over 6000 psi) and protect from moisture loss. Remove molds, then cure at 73F +/-3F in water storage tank or moist room.
  • Field Cured Specimens
  • Used for placing structure in service,adequacy of curing and protection, form or shoring removal time.
  • Store in or on the structure. Protect from elements. Remove molds when formwork is removed.

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