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Calcium Chloride / Dome Tests (ASTM F 1869)

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Water is critical for proper curing of concrete. However, once cured, retained moisture can cause a host of problems including the delamination of floor coverings.

The calcium chloride test has been used for over 40 years to assess the moisture content of slabs prior to covering. To perform the test, a pre-weighed dish is placed on the concrete slab and covered with a plastic dome. As moisture exits the surface of the slab, the moisture is absorbed by the calcium chloride. After 60 to 72 hours, the dish and calcium chloride is collected and reweighed. The increase in weight is indicative of the amount of moisture collected during the test. This weight is then plugged into an equation that calculates the Moisture Vapor Emission Rate (MVER). The MVER is the amount of water that is emitted by the slab in 24 hours, over 1000 square feet. Most floor covering manufacturers have a maximum MVER that is allowed prior to applying the floor covering.

Kit Contents

Each Engius test kit includes:

  • Preweighed calcium chloride and dish
  • Ribbed Dome
  • pH test kit (strips, water bottle)

*New* - Relative Humidity (ASTM F 2170)

Engius also offers Relative Humidity probes for floor moisture testing

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