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EZ Tie

With the rising cost of steel, concrete, and labor it is important to be as productive as you can. With the new EZ Tie you can fly past your competition. You can use lower-cost labor to tie your rebar and save your skilled labor for other set-up work!

The EZ Tie™ is a revolutionary new device that attaches rebar in parallel or at any angle. There are no tools required. The EZ Tie makes a strong, secure connection and EZ Tie Parallelis applied by hand in about a second.

Traditional tying methods take about 10 seconds on average to apply. With the new EZ Tie you can tie rebar nearly 10 times faster!

Installation of the EZ Tie is fast and easy. Simply hook one side, push forward, and hook the other side. The connection is made!

EZ Ties are bonded together in groups of 25 and break off by hand. Each group of 25 EZ Ties are 6 1/2 ” in length and fit easily into most tool bags. The bonded clips prevent tangling and help keep installation fast and productive.

ez tie angleAny contractor who works with reinforcing steel can benefit from using the EZ Tie. Applications include decks, foundations, retaining walls, pools, tilt-ups, and many public projects. EZ Ties are fast, secure, and easy to apply!

Stainless steel and epoxy coated ties are also available upon request.



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