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intelliRock Maturity LoggerAccurate Concrete Moisture Measurement

Water is critical for proper curing of concrete. However, once cured, retained moisture can cause a host of problems ranging from the delamination of floor covering to microbial growth. intelliRock humidity loggers can conveniently measure, log, and monitor the moisture conditions in concrete.

Flooring Applications

The intelliRock humidity logger is designed around ASTM F 2170 specifically for concrete moisture determination prior to applying floor coverings (sensor placement in hardened concrete). The drill-in-place flooring RH logger is designed to be placed in cured concrete. Simply drill a ¾” hole and set a plastic sleeve (included) to a specified depth as described in ASTM F 2170. The logger can then be used to measure and record the internal humidity of concrete placements in a single position, or moved to multiple locations for monitoring large areas. RH Graph

Forensic Applications

intelliRock RH sensors are ideal for tracking concrete moisture trends over time. Several logging configurations are available and logged humidity and temperature information is easily plotted using intelliRock software, or conveniently exported to other applications.


intelliRock RH sensors are ideal for:

  • Measuring floor moisture levels
  • Determining concrete moisture distribution
  • Measuring concrete moisture trends

Logger Configurations

Various logger configurations are available for various applications. Contact an Engius sales representative for current configuration options.

Compatibility with other intelliRock sensors

The intelliRock humidity sensors are compatible with the intelliRock II product line which also includes sensors for temperature profiling and maturity monitoring (real-time strength). .

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