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Applications for intelliRock - Maturity

The ability to determine true, in-place concrete strength in real-time can greatly enhance ones ability to manage critical path workflow.

Applications by project type:

  • Roadway Paving/Patching - Know exactly when to open to traffic
  • Bridges - Know when to strip forms, remove shoring, and load structures
  • FAA - Incrementally allow classes of traffic based on actual in-place strength
  • Midrise and highrise buildings - Know when to strip forms, remove shoring/reshoring, and load structures
  • Mass Pours - Use real time strength information to determine safe temperature gradients.
  • Precast Operations- Monitor element strengths to optimize processes and timing of shipments.

Other applications:

  • Cold Weather - Cold weather can slow concrete strength gain tremendously. Maturity techniques determine actual in-place and accounts for environmental influences on strength gain.
  • Moisture protection - Terminate moisture protection measures based on the actual amount of placement hydration, as opposed to an arbitrary number of days.
  • Post Tensioning - Optimize post tension timing
  • Form Stripping - Optimize the timing of form stripping operations

Maturity loggers also measure and log temperature. See temperature applications!

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