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intelliRock Maturity LoggerReal-Time Concrete Strength

Based on ASTM C 1074 "Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method", intelliRock Maturity Loggers analyze the time and temperature profile of in-place concrete to calculate the in-place strength of concrete in real-time - with the push of a button.

The theory behind the maturity method is simple. Warmer concrete temperatures result in a higher rate of hydration (and therefore more rapid strength gain), and colder concrete hydrates more slowly. Data reported by the intelliRock maturity loggers along with a calibration graph generated from reference cylinders gives a convenient measure of in-place concrete strength.



Accelerate Workflow, Increase Quality Assurance, and Improve Quality Control - The intelliRock system saves time and money by enhancing:

  • Contractor's Critical Path - Accelerate concrete operations. Extends the construction calendar in cooler weather.
  • Quality Control - Early validation of batching consistency.
  • Quality Assurance - Documents early strength and temperature information.


Real-time strength information optimizes the timing of:

  • Form stripping
  • Removal of Shoring and reshoring
  • Post-tensioning
  • Loading structures
  • Saw cutting
  • Picking tilt-up panels
  • Opening pavements to traffic
  • Harvesting pre-cast members

Logger Configurations

Maturity loggers are available that use the Nurse-Saul (time-temperature factor) as well as the Arrhenius (equivalent age) calculation methods.

Standard intelliRock maturity loggers log temperature and maturity each hour for 28 days and calculate maturity using the Nurse-Saul technique. Other configurations are available on request. Call for options!


More information:

Why adopt intelliRock?

NRMCA - CIP 39 - "Maturity Methods to Estimate Concrete Strength"

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