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intelliRock II Specs

Temperature / Maturity Loggers

intelliRock II loggers are temperature measurement and recording devices designed specifically for embedding in concrete placements and test specimens. The loggers measure and record temperature data at predetermined intervals and durations based on logger model. Maturity loggers also process the time-temperature information in order to calculate and store concrete maturity.


General Logger Specifications

Operating Temperature: -5 C to 85 °C

Storage Time & Temperature: 0 to 35 °C for 2 years.

Max Temperature measurement Range: -18 to 99 °C (unwarranted outside of "operating temperature" range)

Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1 C, -5 to 85 °C

Temperature Resolution: 1 °C

Time accuracy: 1 minute per month

Maximum wire length: 50 ft (wire in concrete or water), 200 ft ( wire in air)

Temperature measurement rate: 1 minute (resolution for min/max)

Maturity integration period: 1 minute


Data Logging

Logged Data :

  • Temperature loggers: Temperature
  • Maturity Loggers: Temperature & Maturity

Logging interval and duration: Model Specific (see below)

Events: 6 + Max & Min Temperature

Notes: 8 + Job site name and Logger Location


Logger model specific information

Logger model number format: TTT-02-#(M,H,D)#D-#FT

TTT: Type of logger

  • TPL = Temperature logger – logs temperature information only
  • MAT – Maturity logger using Nurse-Saul – Logs temperature and maturity
  • MAR – Maturity Logger using Arrhenius (Standard or Improved)

#(M,H,D): Logging interval in Minutes, Hours, or Days

#D: Logging duration in Days

#FT: Logger cable length in feet


intelliRock II Reader

The intelliRock II reader is designed specifically for communicating with intelliRock II loggers and transporting data from loggers to a PC. The intelliRock II reader may be used to instruct the loggers to begin logging, download information from loggers and upload logger data to a PC.

General Reader Specifications Operating Temperature: -5 C to 50 °C

Time accuracy: 1 minute per month

Logger data storage: 999 logger downloads

PC Interface: USB

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