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Maturity Standards & Specifications

The following standards, specifications, and reports address concrete maturity techniques.


  • ASTM C 1074 - "Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method"
  • ASTM C 918 - "Standard Test Method for Measuring Early-Age Compressive Strength and Projecting Later-Age Strength"


  • ACI 228.1R (Section 2.7)- "In-Place Methods to Estimate Concrete Strength"
  • ACI 306R - "Cold Weather Concreting"
  • ACI 318 - "Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete"
    • R6.2 "Evaluation of concrete strength during construction may be demonstrated by field-cured test cylinders or other procedures approved by the building official such as: ... Maturity factor measurements and correlation in accordance with ASTM C 1074

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