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Pavement Quality Indicators (PQI)

PQI PicSafe, Lightweight, Accurate!

The Pavement Quality Indicator™ (PQI) utilizes state of the art technology to get accurate asphalt pavement density readings quickly, and without the headaches and expenses associated with a nuclear density device. (ASTM D 7113, AASHTO TP68)

The PQI is a Pavement Quality Indicator designed and built to take quick, accurate measurements of hot mix asphalt density. Developed especially for today’s perpetual pavement mixes, the PQI enables the asphalt paving contractor, private testing organization or relevant jurisdiction to get on and off the mat fast, so as not to interfere with compaction.

Key Features

  • Quick, accurate density measurement of HMA mats
  • Non-nuclear source means no licensing, service fees or safety concerns
  • Accurate readings in three seconds
  • Measures mat temperature and moisture levels relative to PQI reading
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Easy and cost-effective to own and operate
  • Available in English, Spanish, Dutch, German or Italian versions

More about the PQI

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