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Safely Pour Concrete in Cold Weather

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Cold weather can cause delays construction schedules and even threaten concrete structural integrity. Engius can help make cold weather construction delays a thing of the past.

powerblanket- Thaw ground, preheat rebar, warm and protect concrete.

intelliRock- Monitor strength gain in real-time, regulate thermal protection measures, document temperatures .


Accelerate Concrete Workflow

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Since heat cures concrete, test specimens often underestimate in-place strength due to the temperature difference between the placement and the specimens. This discrepancy can cost you days on every pour!

intelliRock Maturity System - Accurate in-place strength information that optimizes workflow.

powerblanket - Supplemental heat to accelerate strength gain.


Find the Key to Consistent, High Quality Concrete

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Low breaks? Conflict between the producer and the lab?

It's not always easy to get to the root of concrete quality issues. But Engius has the tools to help.

intelliRock Maturity Loggers - Spot batching issues early by comparing to historical maturity-strength information.

EZ Cure and Thermocure II - Properly cure specimens in the first 24 hours to avoid the most common cause of low breaks.

intelliRock Temperature Loggers - Document proper cylinder curing conditions to prove the job was done right.


Tie Rebar in 1 Second - Without a Gun

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Equipment to quickly tie rebar is expensive and easily damaged on a job site. The EZ Tie is an innovative solution that allows your workforce to quickly tie rebar by hand.

EZ Tie - Rebar connections without a gun, in just 1 second.


Measure asphalt density Without a Nuke

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Nuclear density equipment is expensive and a headache to maintain. The Pavement Quality Indicator makes accurate density measurements without a nuclear source - in only 3 seconds.

Avoid the inconvenience and expense. Switch to today's safe alternative!

PQI - Non nuclear asphalt pavement density instrument